Welcome to Europaket+, your competent service provider for intelligent multi-carrier solutions!

Here you will find the perfect solution for your transport challenges.

As a neutral, independent partner for client and carrier, we design optimal transport solutions and manage the
entire process chains. In cooperation with the best-in-class service providers in the logistics industry, we are able
to meet even the highest standards in quality.

Comprehensive market know-how, state-of-the-art technology and decades of experience of our logistics experts
ensure professional assistance and optimal execution of your projects.

We create individual transport solutions, both for direct shipment and alternative ways, such as line haul concepts
in partnership with local service providers. The realisation of these projects also includes professional management
of accompanying processes such as reporting, returns management or customs clearance.

Trust in the expertise of the Europaket+ specialists. Let us take care of your transport processes.

Please contact us today. We are looking forward to serving you!

Pieter Hulspas
Silvio Richter
Managing directors of Europaket+ GmbH






Pieter Hulspas

Silvio Richter






Europaket+ GmbH Germany is an associate company of Europakket BV, established in 2008.
Both companies are part of Janssen Holding BV, which is considered a specialist for transport
solutions in the sector of freight and packages since its establishment in the year 1877.

Today, Janssen Holding BV employs about 400 logistics experts, spread across five business sectors:

Janssen Distribution Services BV
Business sector: European road haul

Janssen Air & Ocean NV
Business sector: Sea and air freight forwarding

Europakket BV
Europaket GmbH Germany
Business sector: Package solutions
With Europaket, 30 logistics specialists with excellent experience develop
intelligent transport solutions for B2B, B2C, C2B and C2C tasks.

Janssen Value Added Services
Business sector: Value-added services




What we do

The business model of Europaket+ is unique in the German
logistics market – and we are no consolidators!

As 4PL service provider, Europaket+ offers best-in-class multi-carrier solutions.
Our experts develop services in cooperation with clients, including different transport providers
across all common carriers and optimise your package flows with respect to quality, time and costs.

Europaket+ is a neutral, independent partner for client and carrier. We design the optimal
transport solution with the appropriate service providers and manage the entire transport
process in a cost-effective and transparent way.




Package logistics as a challenge

Package logistics today:
Manage complexity, maximise quality, minimise costs

The demands for package delivery have never been higher than today.

Expectations of delivery quality and service flexibility are continuosly rising.
Delivery times should be as short as possible with highest process transparency and
lowest costs at the same time. Returns processes must be handled flexibly, simply and quickly.

Consequently, for the shipper higher consumer demands and permanent development of
new markets due to the internationalization lead to higher transport volumes and demands
for more flexible and agile processes across all modes of transport.

No carrier is able to cover all requirements in a consistently high quality. Carriers are differently
well positioned for international business which makes the carrier selection complex and cannot
be optimally made without special market know-how. Moreover, the transport orders
often require the use of multi-mode traffic concepts: Smooth integration of road, rail, air and sea.

The selection of appropriate partners of the transport sector is therefore complex and cannot be o
ptimally made without special market know-how.

In great demand: Highly intelligent transport management

The process complexity resulting from increased requirements makes high demands
on the transport management.

These can be met only by:

  • An efficient purchasing system
  • Comprehensive expertise and long-term experience in the field of transport management,
    in particular on an international level, and
  • Support through sophisticated and efficient IT systems.

 This precisely is the competence of Europaket+.





Europaket+ consider themselves to be a neutral, independent partner of client and carrier.
On behalf of the client, we design the optimal transport solution with optimal service
providers and manage the entire transport process in a transparent way.

As a 4PL service provider we offer best-in-class multi-carrier solutions.
The multitude of the service range from the different carriers is available to the
full extent, however, as a client, you will soleley need to communicate with Europaket+.

Your benefit from our multi-carrier-solution:

— only one contact
— only one IT system
— only one contract
— only one billing process.

Our customers take care of their core business, we provide fast and professional transport.

With Europaket+ you can rely on proven and efficient processes with a high savings potential
which contribute to cost control and thus improve your competitive position.

The multi-carrier transport solutions by Europaket+ are based on best-in-class service providers who
are able to meet even the highest demands for quality.

For your end customers, the services of Europaket+ ensure highest transport quality, maximum
process transparency and uncomplicated delivery processing.

As a provident, professional and competent partner we leverage our expertise in purchasing, an IT infrastructure
and unique know-how in transport management for the development of a comprehensive all-round package
solution for transports of any kind and demand.






Benefit from our market experience

Europaket+ is THE intelligent interface between client and transport service provider.

Along with excellent transport know-how from 20 years of market experience, our
experts rely on a unique purchasing network with close and trusted relations to more
than 100 of the most important and best carriers on a national and international level.
The annual transport volume we handle with them is approx. 50 million EUR.

Since the logistics market is in constant motion (for example due to new carriers and services),
we believe that it is our task to permanently observe the market and adjust our solutions
to the current circumstances for the benefit of our clients.

We evaluate the optimal transport solution jointly with the client, select the appropriate
service provider and organise the transport of the goods to the destination.
In this process we also leverage synergies with other routes currently served.

Whether online fashion shop, spare parts supplier or toys manufacturer – the clientele which
entrusts Europaket+ with handling the transport management covers all industries.





High-tech IT infrastructure

Our Euro-TIS IT system ensures optimal information flow between
client, carrier and the Europaket+ infrastructure.

Instead of having to communicate with the IT systems of different carriers,
our client’s systems are only connected with Euro-TIS, which has the appropriate
interfaces to the IT of the relevant transport service providers. Therefore the client
deals with one contact with only one IT system with proactive information structure,
which results in maximum transparency of processes and costs.

The interface function of the IT infrastructure of Europaket+ also provides the
clients with standardised billing and scalable reporting.




Transport management for any demands

Whether B2B, B2C, C2B or C2C – the team of experts from Europaket+ manages your transports
across different transport routes (road, rail, sea, air) or across state borders. When it comes to
nationwide transports it often makes sense to revert to local service providers. Europaket+ will
manage the selection and transparent control of the processes without the need for our clients
to deal with this.

In coordination with our clients, we create our individual solutions, e.g. (as an alternative for
direct shipment) line haul concepts in partnership with local service providers, which by improved
truck capacity utilisation create synergies and reduce the environmental impact.

Transport, reporting, returns management, billing – our experts take care of processes like these,
which would require enormous resources on the part of the client.

Our powerful IT system provides for maximum transparency and highest efficiency.
This technology allows for example proactive status information by immediate automatic
notification of the client in the event of disruptions in the delivery process.

The holistic solution concepts of Europaket+ include a multitude of processes unique in the market.
These include, for instance,
— Data collection for transport management
— Customs clearance processes
— E-commerce process integration
— Transport optimisation (carrier selection, synergies, etc.)
— Packaging
— Labelling
— Documentation
— Invoicing
— Returns management.

All process steps are managed by Europaket+ as central interface between all different partners and
clients. This ensures highest quality, optimal efficiency and transparency as well as extraordinarily
low costs with only single point of contact for the client.

Test the efficiency of our concept, which is unique in the market!




Project realisation

Our service is unique in the German logistics market. To get to know our service
and to learn about the benefits of the concept we recommend to start our association
with a trial for a specific service or destination country.

How to start:

Please transmit all shipping data necessary for a precise assessment of the scope of the project.
We will perform an in-depth analysis and present a transport solution to you.
If you agree to our proposal (or a jointly developed, modified version), we will immediately
realise the project.

You are welcome to initially test the concept for a specific destination country.







Frequently asked questions

Is Europaket+ another consolidator?

No. The concept of Europaket+ serves to develop new transport services to provide the clients
with optimal solutions for their transport tasks. By combining common carriers, carrier strategies
and technologies as well as exploiting synergies, we create completely new solutions which improve
services in existing markets and develop new markets for the clients and offer the carriers extended
options for growth.

Thus, Europaket+ is both competitor and growth driver of the carrier industry at the same time.

How does Europaket+ manage to develop new markets for clients?

It is often that transport-relevant obstructions hinder companies from expanding into new markets.
These include factors like deterrent transport costs, paperwork and customs efforts, a sophisticated and
ever changing carrier market or complex returns management.

Since Europaket+ optimises the transport processes and manages them both fast and transparently,
this simplifies the realisation of a sustainable expansion strategy for the companies into new markets or market segments.

Thus, Europaket+ acts as a market entrance partner for growth-oriented companies.

Where is the geographic focus of the activities of Europaket+?

Currently Europaket+ is primarily active in Europe, offering its customers a bridge into most countries of the European
continent. North America (most of all the U.S.A.) and Asia (especially China) will be included as soon as possible.

Activities in South America and Africa will follow in the long term.

What is an example for a transport concept of Europaket+ which exploits synergies?

An example would be if a delivery to a neighbouring country cannot be made efficiently enough because
e.g. the truck cannot be optimally used to the full capacity.

In such a case it can be beneficial to load the goods for dispatch on a truck which is already loaded with
packets for this destination, however is not fully loaded.

Another contribution for transport optimisation could be to assign a local service provider for part of the
route, who can offer particularly efficient services due to his long-term experience in the region (knowledge
of the area, familiar with administrative processes, integration in partner networks, etc.).






Transport management for a manufacturer of optical products

The project included the distribution of two million consignments per year in two dozen countries, coming from one central site.

15 forwarders were used to manage the entire transport management (transport purchasing, transport handling, transport system).

The complete scope of services included standard parcel service, express parcel service, direct deliveries, freight (standard), freight (express), in-night transports, courier service and returns management at a total volume of more than 10 million EUR.

The savings realised by transport optimisation and leveraging interface benefits (billing, purchasing, standardised IT system, etc.) added up to 10 percent of the scope of services.



Establishment of a transport concept for an U.S. trading firm

The project included the establishment of an e-commerce transport management system for around a dozen European countries for the distribution of two million consignments per year from one central site in the U.S.A.

Ten forwarders were used to manage the entire transport management (transport purchasing, transport handling, transport system).

The complete scope of services included standard parcel service, express parcel service, returns management incl. returns processing, as well as international line haul concepts (for the client for transport and distribution) at a total volume of almost 10 million EUR.



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